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Jaguar XK140, XK150, Mk1, E-Type, XKE, Mk1, Mk2, MkX, S-Type, 240, 340, 420, 420G, XJ6 Series 1 Wood Rim Steering Wheels.

Restoration & custom made Walnut Burl and Piano Black Steering wheels for the classic Jaguar range. They are available in three styles: E-Type, Derrington and the XK 4 spoke, and are all 16" diameter.

Price range is $395.00 for the typical E-Type steering wheel restoration (new wood if req'd, polish metal etc) or for new XK140,150 Piano Black rim wheels, $595.00. The special Walnut burl rimmed varieties of any style wheel are $1495.00

All are hand made to order, and depending on workload and wheel type can take 2 - 6 weeks. Restorations of customer supplied wheels are usually 2 week turnaround.


Jaguar and Daimler Mk2, MkX, S-Type, 240, 340, 420, 420G, V8 250, XJ6 Series 1:

The E-Type and Derrington style wheels are made to fit up to a standard 6cyl E-Type hub (boss) which will fit directly in your car. These are available from the various Jaguar parts suppliers such as SC Parts, SNG Barratt etc. I do no supply the boss/hub kits.

On the Derrington wheel, if you wish to retain the original early saloon horn ring/bar setup, then be sure to order the appropriate hub/boss kit for it as they are a little different to the standard E-Type item.

E-Type 1961-1971:

In the case of fitting these wheels in an E-Type 3.8 or 4.2, you would simply use your original hub and horn assembly.

XK140/XK150 and Mk1:

The four spoke wheel is made to fit up to the commonly available Moto-Lita boss/hub kit part number B32OE. This allows you to retain your original horn push assembly.

Derrington with Walnut Burl rim

XK 4 spoke, Mahogany rim



Archive photos, 1995-2010:

The middle wheel in the above picture was made to fit onto a readliy available Nardi hub (boss), making for easy installation in a later Jaguar XJ6 or XJS.

Original skinny E-Type vs thicker rim

Aftermarket wheel. Hot car + soft metal =

Custom E-Type wheel fashioned after a Moto-Lita, but with Walnut Burl rim.

Derrington style Mk2, S-Type, 420 etc, 16" Diameter.

The wheel below was supplied to a customer who made a modification to the Mk2 horn push button so that it fits nicely in place of the E-Type one.

Les Leston wheels restored for Wire Wheel Classic Sportscars:

1960's Ferrari wheel restored

Rare 1953 Cunnigham wheel:

TVR Griffith. A short run of these were made to original spec:

One-off Jaguar XJ8/XK8 Steering wheel, modified with Walnut burl rim and boxwood inlays back in 2000. This was literally a one-off, and I have no plans at the moment to do any more :)